Watch Halle Berry Down Half a Pint of Whisky at Comic-Con

At a Comic-Con panel promoting the new Kingsman movie, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Halle Berry pounded down a giant glass of Kentucky bourbon after a dare from moderator Jonathan Ross, Britain’s Johnny Carson. You know, if Johnny Carson couldn’t pronounce his own name, but in an endearing way.

Co-star Channing Tatum had previously poured everyone a small shot glass of the liquor before giving Berry a pint glass he filled more than half-way up. This was part of the promotion for the film, which features a fictional whisky called Statesman’s Reserve.

When an audience member asked her which film series was more British, Kingsman or James Bond (a filmed series in which Berry also appeared as Jinx Johnson), Berry deflected by hoisting the glass of whisky in front of her. When Ross saw this, he chanted “chug, chug, chug” as a joke, but Berry obliged, downing the entire glass in one go. All of which you already know if you watched the embedded video above the paragraph. Of course, most people get their news from reading headlines, so it doesn’t matter what I write this far down in the article. Poop. See? No one saw that.

Unlike most of the movies and television shows promoted at Comic-Con, the Kingsman series is actually based on a comic book. The Secret Service, by Mark Miller and Watchmen penciller Dave Gibbons, unraveled the mystery surround the death of Mark Hamill. The film version changed this to something generic about overpopulation and then cast Mark Hamill anyway because what the hell. Berry and Tatum are new cast members in the sequel and members of Statesman, Kingsman’s American counterpart.

After the panel, Berry dodged questions about if what she drank was really whisky, telling an Entertainment Tonight reporter she wanted to “Let that be a mystery to the world.” I’m assuming that after the panel, Berry had a snack and took a look at all the vendors not selling comic books on the convention floor.

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