Hey, Lady. You Suck at Selfies!

I’ve had a decent track record taking selfies. I’ve never hurt myself or anyone else, have you? Apparently, that’s pretty common. I’ve also never lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages from a selfie, which is one difference between me and artist Simon Birch.

Is an art installation really a good place for a selfie? I feel like you either want a picture of the art or you. Why both? It’s not like you look better because you’re in front of some art. You’re certainly not enhancing the artistic quality by being there.

Fortunately for us, we can see the extent of this mishap from a security camera that was recording the whole thing. I think the best part is watching the display cases come down like dominoes in a Looney Toons bit. That’s unreal, and strangely satisfying. I’m happy this woman knocked those cases down, so now I never have to.

The final cost was $200,000 in irreparably damaged art. I hope it was worth it, because she just took one expensive-ass selfie.

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