YouTube Star Jake Paul’s Neighbors Also Think He’s a Douchebag

Jake Paul calls himself a “social media influencer,” so I already hate him. Apparently, he’s also a nightmare to live beside because his neighbors are considering suing him.

Being the Dollar Store version of Johnny Knoxville isn’t a crime on its own, but Paul goes above and beyond by letting his fans line the streets and doing things like burning a mattress in his backyard.

But how bad can he really be as a person? It’s not like he’s using civil unrest and police violence to deflect from his douchebaggery, right?

Oh. Well, at least he didn’t use social media to basically dare his neighbors to sue him, right?

Oh. Well, at least he didn’t hide in the White House toilets until everyone was asleep and then… you see where this is going, right? He actually didn’t do that one, he just filmed some video during a media event he was invited to and then lied about it afterwards.

Earlier today an image of Paul being handcuffed started to circulate online, but it appears to be something he himself staged.

The social media reaction to this story has been mixed with plenty of people thinking Paul is the worst.

That last tweet addresses the mayor of Los Angeles. This is in reference to a petition going around asking Mayor Eric Garcetti to evict Paul. Which is not something a mayor does and the guy is the mayor of one of the largest cities in the United States, he has better things to do.

See, while you were tweeting him about some dumbass Disney supporting actor, he was hosting a meeting with representatives from the world’s largest cities to find ways to fight climate change on a local level.

Jake Paul has his fans, though, and they were on Twitter voicing their opinions as well.

Okay, despite having 1.7 million followers on Twitter, that’s pretty much the only supportive comment I could find from the past twelve hours. Oh, wait, I found another one.

I wanted to avoid highlight tweets that appear to be from teenaged girls, but as luck would have it, it appears that no one but teenaged girls have time for Jake Paul’s s**t.

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