Jeremy Renner Breaks Both His Arms

Hawkeye has no superpowers. He isn’t super strong, he can’t fly, he isn’t indestructible, he doesn’t heal super fast. His actor, Jeremy Renner, also has no superpowers. That really sucks at the moment because Renner just broke both of his arms.

Renner likes to live life dangerously. It’s no surprise to me that he prefers to put himself on the line for a part. I think he may have a death wish. So is it really a surprise that he broke both of his arms in a super-secret Avengers 3 stunt?

“It won’t stop things that I need to do. I heal fast and am doing everything I can to heal faster,” Renner said. And pray tell, what does that entail? Is he taking supplements? Practicing witchcraft? Making secret trips to the same doctors who treated Angelina Jolie?

No, he’s not doing any of those things. In fact, his “fast healing” claim sounds like a bold lie. The very next words out of his mouth were “I am doing a comedy that has a few stunts in it,” which probably means he’s lighting himself on fire or something.

Props to Renner for smiling through the pain. Plus those casts look like badass archery braces, so maybe they’ll fake some shots of him in Avengers.

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