Justin Bieber Runs Over Man to Celebrate Tour Cancellation

The devil is in Justin Bieber! OUTTT!! Bieber can’t catch a break. He cancels his tour to get some alone time and then his tour crew complains that they’re missing out on paydays. He’s thinking about starting a church. Whatever people think about religion, it’s better than throwing eggs at your neighbors like he used to do.

Now, the Biebs leaves an evening church service at Saban Theater and ends up running over a paparazzi. The lord works in mysterious ways.

Bieber’s about 5’8″ while driving a raised truck. This was bound to happen.

To his credit, when his truck ran over the photographer, Bieber got out of the truck, kneeled by the injured photographer and comforted him while finding out where he was hurt. That is to say, how much will I have to pay out on this?

Most of the bystanders yell to call an ambulance. Meanwhile, there’s one dude with an outstretched hand, pleading “Heal him lord, heal him.” Yeaaa, think that guy lying on the ground wants an ambulance, not your blessings right now.

The injured photog lies on the ground, clutching his knee in pain, while counting dollar signs at the same time.

Bieber, who’s actually getting more mature, asks all the paparazzi if they’ve gotten enough footage. Points to Bieber on this one. Someone just got ran over and they want to keep filming. Surprisingly, Bieber wasn’t the biggest douche in this incident.

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