Kim Kardashian and Cash Me Ousside Girl Try to Break the Internet

Kim Karadashian took pictures with the “Cash Me Outsside” girl. But, in a twist, Danielle Bregoli was simply introduced as a fan.

I’ve never liked Kim Kardashian more.

The two were hanging out at The Polo Lounge when a mutual friend introduced them. Bregoli was skeptical because she had talked bad about Kim and her family. Kim didn’t know who the hell she was, but took a picture anyway, probably assuming that at one point in time, she had talked bad about her family. Seriously, hasn’t everyone talked bad about the Kardashian family at one point in time?

I never thought I’d see the day when Kim Kardashian would be taking pictures with someone who did less to become as famous as her, but here we are. Now, the question is, can Bregoli find someone who did less than her to become famous to take a picture with?

I’m not even sure how you can be less famous than “spoke poorly on Dr. Phil” famous. But even anyone can find that person, it’s Americans on social media.

Get to it, America.

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