Kylie Jenner’s Lips Are in Trouble Again

In not-so-surprising news, Kylie Jenner isn’t very original. Her new show Life of Kylie hasn’t even premiered yet and she’s already being sued over the logo. The lawsuit comes courtesy of artist Sara Pope and her Temptation Nation drawing.

Typically I would chalk this up to coincidence, but those two logos are nearly identical. I’m sure Kylie didn’t help design the logo because that would require her doing something more than just plastering a picture of herself over something cool. But someone on her team should have spotted this. How hard is it to Google “neon lip biting logo” and make sure that there’s nothing that similar online? Or maybe that’s what they did, saw Sara Pope’s work, and figured no one would notice.

People noticed.

Even if Kylie wasn’t trying to copy Pope, she was obviously going for a female Rolling Stones vibe. She was 20 years away from birth when the Stones were popular, but it’s an iconic logo and Kylie loves attaching herself to iconic things.

This isn’t the first time Kylie has been accused of stealing another’s lips. Vlada Haggerty claimed that Kylie’s “dripping lips” logo on her lip kits were taken from art she made. Nothing came out of that as Kylie mentioned her on social media and probably bought some of her art that now resides in the trash.

Of course, Kylie’s biggest lip theft remains whatever was injected into her own.

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