Louis Tomlinson’s Mom Had a Dying Wish — Reunite with Zayn Malik

According to The Sun, Louis Tomlinson’s mother’s dying wish was for her son to make up with Zayn Malik, his former collaborator in One Direction, which appears to be some sort of band. Also hoping to see Louis and Zayn kiss and make up are a bunch of creepy middle-aged mums who read 50 Shades of Grey one too many times and have Twitter accounts dedicated to how the actors who play their favorite TV couple are actually secretly in love for real.

Zayn Malik famously left One Direction because of growing tensions in the band compounded by his insistence on bringing Yoko Ono with him to all of their recording sessions. Wait, that’s not right. Oh yeah, I remember now. He wanted to focus on his film career so they replaced him with Kirstie Alley. No, that was Shelly Long. What actually happened is he said he wanted to leave the spotlight and just be an ordinary person and then released a solo album and launched a fashion line with Donatella Versace. You know, just stuff a regular Joe does.

Louis, who seems a bit like one of the characters on Shameless if they suddenly became rich, said of making nice with Zayn, “I can’t stand to hold a grudge with anyone. It doesn’t sit with me right.” Which is nice. Especially when that grudge is standing in the way of potentially billions of dollars to be had with an inevitable reunion tour.

Despite being a complete and utter chav, Louis actually seems like a nice guy and I do have empathy for him losing his mum when she was only 43. Louis also recently became a father and seems to be dealing with that well. It’s clearly difficult to be in the spotlight and with the rash of high-profile suicides among aging musicians, it’s good to know that he’s dealing with his grief honestly and I wish him all the best. And unlike some of his former bandmates, he’s had the good sense to stay the hell away from the Kardashians.

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