Maria Menounos Laughed Off a Brain Tumor

I’m sad to report that Maria Menounos has a brain tumor. This makes me sad because brain tumors suck and I love Maria Menounos. She seems like a good person and is a huge wrestling fan. She even wrestled at WrestleMania.

Maria’s mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor of her own a year ago. When Maria found out that she was suffering from one of her own, she saw the humor. That’s because she’s the best.

“I didn’t cry. I actually laughed. It’s so surreal and crazy and unbelievable that my mom has a brain tumor — and now I have one too?”

Menounos underwent surgery for the tumor on June 8. 99.9 percent of the tumor was removed, but there’s a “6 to 7 percent chance that it’ll come back.” As it stands, Menounos is at home resting. She stepped down from her position as E! News co-anchor.

Best wishes, Maria.

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