Mike Pence Inappropriately Touches Things

Mike Pence is the Vice President of the United States. That means he’s the second most powerful man in America. So if a sign reads “Do Not Touch,” then who cares? He’s the second most powerful man in America. Those are just words on a sign. They aren’t powerful.

If NASA really wanted people not to touch, they would have specified that this means everyone, not just “regulars” like you and me. They also would have used something more than a cheap MS Word print out. Finally, they wouldn’t have used quotation marks. That could imply that you’re being sarcastic. This is not Mike Pence’s fault. This is clearly NASA’s fault.

Because the internet has no respect for Mike Pence and his above NASA sign status, they roasted him on Twitter.

NASA explained why they don’t want people touching things:

“…even a slight contaminant can create problems inside a capsule…It may not sound like a big deal for something that will be exposed to space, but an earthly bit of pollen or sand or even a human hair can confuse a star tracker, lead to a build up around an exhaust port, or block a thruster, for example.”

Maybe don’t let Mike Pence in the room in the first place then, NASA?

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