Mother Breastfeeds While Taking Bong Rips

A woman named Kayla Marlow posted a picture of her breastfeeding her newborn on Facebook, an act that would normally be met by unenthusiastically scrolling to a more interesting post by her friends who know she had a baby and just wish she’d shut up about it. But normally these pictures don’t show the mother smoking a bong with a baby hanging off of her teet.

The reaction from the internet was mixed. Members of the Facebook group she posted the picture to, CannaParentingSupport.V.420, were unsurprisingly supportive. After the picture went viral, plenty of people weighed in to tell her what a bad mother she is, which may or may not be true, I don’t know this woman and neither do you.

‘Nursing while getting stoned, you are trailer park rejects. Pure trash,’ wrote a man name Joseph.

‘I’m more liberal than conservative, and I support responsible legalization, but this is f***ing ridiculous! If you want to smoke, do so when kids aren’t in your care. For f***’s sake, what a dumb c***,’ wrote a woman named Sarah.

The question we need to ask is if smoking marijuana while breastfeeding is actually harmful to an infant. While most medical groups advise against it, there’s actually no definitive proof that smoking marijuana while breastfeeding has any adverse effects on the infant. Which makes sense, because marijuana has no adverse effects on humans in general, barring an allergic reaction. While THC can be found in the urine of babies who breastfeed for up to three weeks afterwards, the infant doesn’t consume enough to be affected by it.

There is the issue of smoke produced by the marijuana itself, and this could be an issue. Babies have tiny lungs and you really don’t want to get smoke in them. That aside, people just like to feel superior and smoking a bong while breastfeeding looks tacky. If you’re going to get high while nursing, be responsible and use edibles so people on the internet don’t shame you over the optics. And if anyone complains, point out that you could be running around naked and breastfeeding a toddler, so they should just relax. If only they had something close at hand that could give a person a temporary feeling of mild euphoria to help them relax.

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