O.J. Simpson Almost Loses Freedom Over Cookies

It’s crazy to think about now, when O.J. Simpson is just that guy who’s friends with the Kardashians, but there was a time when he was famous in his own right. Amazing how a jail sentence for kidnapping will make you culturally irrelevant. It looks like if the Juice isn’t careful, he could be spending a lot longer in the clink.

O.J. is up for parole this year, but his sentence carries a maximum of 33 years. And for an old dude, not in the best health, those years can add up fast.

As the story goes, a friend of O.J.’s stole some cookies. Good to know he’s still making friends I guess. While the other inmates squirreled them back to their cells, the former football player wolfed his down in view of a guard. Big no-no.

The C.O. who wanted to write up O.J. was warned that she was going to score the nickname the “Cookie Monster” if she did. She works in a prison, she’s probably sort of into that. After that, she tore up the infraction. O.J.’s parole hearing is in October, and without this on this record, he’ll have a better shot at getting out.

Framed for the first crime I mean. The murders. The kidnapping he totally did.

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