Olivia Munn Celebrates Her 37th Birthday in a Bikini and Dancing to Mariah Carey

First off, Olivia Munn’s 37. She doesn’t look 37 at all. Seriously looks ten years younger. Munn celebrated her birthday (July 3rd for all you fans out there) on the Turks and Caicos Islands this past week.

Munn brought her bikini, along with her hot friends, who brought THEIR bikinis. This is the only way any birthdays should be celebrated.

Of course she posted it all to Instagram.

There was Munn & friends dancing to Mariah Carey.

My main thought watching this was, that camera shoots really, really clear video. Must be the sunlight or something.

Also, do you think Munn told her friends about dancing to Mariah. And then she was like, now, you all know that I have to be in front right?

Here’s another bikini shot of her.

She should title this one, “Miss me now, Aaron Rodgers?”

Actually, there’s a lot of bikini shots of Munn. They’re all good.

No matter what Munn does, we’ll always remember her for her dirty talk. Talking about those leaked pics (NSFW) with sexy messages she sent to Chris Pine. Greatest hits include:

I’m begging you to slap my ass so hard I cry…

you f**k my pussy like you know it’s all YOURS…

yes, chris, that’s your pussy.

That’s what she wrote to Pine five years ago. I bet she wrote entirely different messages to ex-boyfriend Aaron Rodgers, such as:

hey aaron, why do your parents hate me?

Aaron, Green Bay better give you more protection this year…

This vagina is all yours to play with in a gentle and loving manner

Never change, Olivia.

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