The Police, Not Batman, Take Down The Joker and Harley Quinn While Having Sex

A man dressed as The Joker and a woman dressed as Harley Quinn were shot while having sex.

If only they were smart enough to dress as Batman and Batgirl.

The incident took place at the Saints and Sinners ball in Australia. Around 40 officers raided the event, which is described as a “no holds barred extravaganza of adult fun.” Alternate description: “The best party you’ll ever attend as long as the police don’t show up.”

This party has been held for 20 years now. If you’ve never attended, you should probably question what you’ve been doing with your life. I know that’s what I’m doing right now.

Dale Ewins aka The Joker, had a fake gun that police took as the real thing. Ewins got stupid and drew the weapon instead of dropping it when police entered the room. In his defense, he was probably drunk and he was definitely sex-brained.

There is an ongoing investigation as the venue staff believes that Ewan had no such weapon on him.

This is why police should leave the hero work to the real heroes. Batman would have at least had the decency to let them finish before apprehending them.

Unfortunately, due to this incident, next year there will be a strict “No Villain Costumes” rule at the Saints and Sinners ball. Sorry, everyone looking to dress up as Donald Trump.

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