R. Kelly Sex Slave Exposes Attention Hungry Father

Joycelyn Savage is back, and this time, she’s out of the house! Instead of being trapped at a hotel with the blinds shut, she wants everyone to know that she’s allowed to leave R. Kelly’s sex house.

And she wants everyone to know that her dad, Timothy, is the one who set this whole thing up.

He’s the one who set Joycelyn up with Kelly and he’s the one that allowed the two to live together. He thought they would only be living together for a few months as Kelly helped Joycelyn’s career. But little did he know the ways of R. Kelly.

Listen, you can’t leave your daughter alone for months with the greatest and smoothest R&B singer of all-time and expect it not to turn into something more.

I love how this whole thing has backfired on the Savage family. They thought they were exposing R. Kelly as some sex slave having deviant and it turns out, they’re just some attention grabbing deviants. Joycelyn truly is a savage.

R. Kelly remains undefeated.

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