Former R. Kelly Sex Slave Wasn’t A Slave At All

IT’S TIME FOR ME R. KELLY NEWS! You’ll have to excuse me, but this is legitimately the best story I’ve ever had the pleasure of writing about.

Today, we have a new character. Her name is Kim. It’s not her real name, but this story is so insanely and unbelievably absurd that I don’t even think R. Kelly is real at this point. Kim describes to Jezebel the sexual encounters that Kelly has with the women who may or may not be there against their will.

…she first met Kelly at one of his concerts roughly one year ago, where she was invited onstage and then to an after-party. That night, he slipped her his number and told her, “Baby girl, I want you.” The next day, they met up at a hotel where he was staying and had sex in his tour bus. Kim said Kelly paused their lovemaking long enough to ask her, “Baby girl, how old are you?” Afterwards, he put her number into all three of his iPhones and told her he wanted to see her again soon.

THREE IPHONES?!?! Listen, ladies, if a man has two phones, he’s definitely cheating on you or conducting some kind of shady business on the side. If you ever see a man with two phones, just stay away. If they’re rich and famous, they have an excuse, but should still be avoided as a long-term prospect. Now, if you see a man with three phones, report him to the cops. No man should ever have three phones. I don’t care how rich and famous they are. Tim Cook doesn’t even have three iPhones.

She provided screenshots of text messages she said were between her and Kelly’s assistant, Diana Copeland, as well as a few between her and Kelly (although, she said, “he’s basically illiterate” and prefers phone calls and FaceTime).

I’m sorry, but the man who wrote “I Believe I Can Fly” is not illiterate. Maybe he wants to prove he’s not a catfish or doesn’t want sneaky girls like this screenshotting text messages. Kim is a woman scorned and her story now becomes less credible in my eyes.

Kim, who is in her mid-20s, told Jezebel that she likes having sex with powerful men and enjoyed partying with Kelly and his crew. “I knew what I was getting myself into,” she said.

So she just goes around sleeping with powerful men? Guess that’s one way to work.

The other girls around Kelly, however, seemed more star-struck to her and appeared to depend on the singer’s approval.

“All these girls just dote on him,” she said. “It’s so fucked up. They’re completely manipulated and brainwashed.”

If only they were so cold as to just sleep with as many powerful men as they want.

Kim wasn’t aware that the other women lived with him, she said, and until reading the BuzzFeed story had been under the impression that all of them were free to come and go the way she was. She would go back to her hotel after her trysts with Kelly and his crew, then fly home to her life and career. Her phone was never taken, and she was never asked to sign any kind of non-disclosure agreement. She was different in other ways too: She wasn’t in the music business (and so wasn’t reliant on promises of career help from Kelly), she declined the MDMA that she says was constantly on offer, she was a few years older than most of the women, and she was white, where the other women were mostly black.

So maybe Kelly does let them go as they please and doesn’t take their phones? Must be nice to be an older white woman instead of a young black girl.

“When we’re out we’re not allowed to look at anyone,” she said. “We have to keep our heads down. If we’re back in his studio sitting on the couches and he has friends across the room at the bar we can’t look at each other or communicate with each other.” The girls are also instructed to “tell on each other,” she said. “If we’re in an Uber and we chat up the driver we’re supposed to tell him this girl did this or that. He’s very controlling and manipulative. He likes to be in control.” The women are all instructed to call Kelly “Daddy” at all times, she said, while he refers to them as his “babies.” The women can’t enter a room without knocking three times and waiting for permission to enter; they also have to ask permission to leave, she said.

Was Kim under his control or not? The story is sending me mixed signals.

“He never makes threats,” she said. “But the girls are so eager to do whatever he wants. He’ll wake us out of a dead sleep and say to this girl, ‘Suck my dick,’ or to these two girls, ‘Kiss on each other,’ and immediately without thought they jump right to it. It’s just bizarre. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before honestly.”

“It’s not non-consensual, I guess,” she added. “But I don’t know if they even realize the situation they’re in is wrong.”

Kim said that Kelly has at least three iPads filled with footage of both his daily life and his sexual encounters. “He records everything. Absolutely everything,” she said, including the two of them having sex. “A lot of times he doesn’t have sex with the girls, he just likes to watch them on each other and records them.”

R. Kelly just wants to document everything. Give the man a break.

Kim said that she and the girl were instructed by Kelly to “take off your clothes and act like you miss each other.” He got out his iPad and started filming, she said, but was dissatisfied by the 19-year-old’s performance. He told Kim to sit on the couch and took the 19-year-old into another room. Twenty minutes later, he called Kim in. Kim knocked in the proper way, then walked in to find the younger girl nude except for one of Kelly’s bigger pieces of jewelry, a heavy chain.

“He had his iPad recording and she was naked except for a big chain and she was running laps from one end of the room to the other,” Kim remembers. “She was running laps around the room and apologizing. She kept saying, ‘I’ve been bad, I’m sorry Daddy,’ s**t like that. And I’m standing there and she starts apologizing to me.”

Kim said she told her it was all right, but Kelly cut her off. The younger girl continued in tears, she said, telling her, “I know I have to do what Daddy says, I have to act like I miss you more, I wasn’t getting into it.”

You think Daniel Day Lewis walks onto a movie set and does everything right? No. He took years of abuse from directors who knew he was great and wanted more from him. These girls want to be famous actresses and singers, right? Kelly is just showing them what the business is like.

Kim apparently talked for an hour about her experiences with R. Kelly. This whole story remains fascinating to me. I still don’t know what’s true and what isn’t. I don’t even want to know. I just want more.

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