Rob Kardashian Gets His Instagram Shut Down Because of Blac Chyna Nude Pic

Poor Rob Kardashian. How will he share Blac Chyna’s nude pics now?

Earlier, Kardashian lashed out at Chyna by posting video of her making out with another guy and a nude pic of Blac Chyna. He went on a tirade about her post-surgery boning other men. Also, he helpfully pointed out her large nipples were because of surgery. Okay, good to know.

Instagram doesn’t like nipples. They sure as hell don’t like possible revenge porn. So, they shut down Kardashian’s Instagram.

That forced Kardashian to take his rantings to Twitter. He also posted the same video and nude pic. Unfortunately, Twitter removed that nude pic. Thankfully, they left up the video of Blac Chyna making out with another guy in Rob’s bed.

His tweet read:

Today Chyna sent me a video after I just bought her 250K of jewelry and she sends me this video… of another man in our bed

That’s pretty low. Also, what’s the going rate for your girl not to make out with other men now? It’s obviously not $250,000. Maybe half a mill?

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