Rob Kardashian Leaks Blac Chyna Nude Pic

Here’s some breaking news: Reality stars who are only famous for being reality stars are bad parents. Try and contain your shock.

Rob Kardashian, the male Kardashian that no one cares about, has taken to social media to put his baby momma, Blac Chyna, on blast.

He starts by accusing her of being on a bunch of drugs.

He continues by posting a video of Blac in bed with another man. Rob says that Blac herself sent him the video. One would assume that it’s to make Rob jealous, but have we ever considered that he likes watching his wife in bed with other men? Let’s not rule that out.

He then says he paid for her surgeries and is heart-broken that she immediately left him after.

I can’t tell if Rob is upset at Blac for leaving him and their child. Or if he’s just bragging about how much money he has and everything he’s paying for. Here’s an idea, dude, stop paying for all that stuff. Stop buying her all these things when she’s apparently been doing this for a while. Is that so difficult?

Rob also released nude photos of Chyna because no Kardashian story is a real Kardashian story unless nude photos are involved.

The good news is that while Rob is ranting and raving on Instagram and posting nude photos of his babies’ mom. And Chyna is doing drugs and sleeping with other men. Their child is somewhere. Probably with a nanny.

The same nanny that took these Instagram pics. We know Rob can afford a nanny. Have you read how much money he has? It’s a lot. Millions. Rob Kardashian is rich, you guys.

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