Rosie O’Donnell Wants to Push Donald Trump Off a Cliff

Rosie O’Donnell tweeted a link to a video game where players push President Trump off of a cliff with the message “Push Trump Off A Cliff Again,” then retweeted it today after the media started to run stories about it.

Of course, there was an uproar about the game being tasteless, but I think the worse sin by far is that it isn’t funny and it doesn’t make a political point. A game where you take away Trump’s health insurance and make him pay for medical procedures until he runs out of money and dies penniless with doctors refusing to treat him would make a much more salient point. A game where you play handshake tug of war until one of you rips the other’s arm off would actually be relevant. And pummeling him to death with koosh balls would have at least been on brand for Rosie. Just pushing him off of a cliff is lazy, and it makes no point beyond “I don’t like Donald Trump.”

Rosie and Donald Trump have had a long-standing Hollywood feud, which is a depressing sentence to write about the President of the United States. Trump has often taken shots at O’Donnell about her weight and appearance, as if he would have ever convinced a woman to touch his penis without a billion dollars of his father’s money in the bank. Rosie suggested last year that Trump’s son Barron might be autistic, which isn’t really an insult but people were still mad about it. There’s a long-standing tradition in the press that the president’s minor children are off limits, as long as the president is a Republican, because seriously, did you hear the way they talked about Chelsea Clinton in the 90’s? I mean, she grew up to be a vapid moron, but still, she was in high school when Bill Clinton was president.

This incident calls to mind Kathy Griffin’s recent photo with an effigy of a beheaded Trump that caused so much feigned outrage from people who normally spend their days chiding college students for being offended at provocative speech. Like then, I expect a lot of bloviating about how offensive and inappropriate this video game is for depicting fictional violence against a public figure.

On an unrelated note, Trump has spent the past few weeks promoting a Republican health care bill that would have taken health insurance away from millions of people and lead to tens of thousands of preventable deaths a year.

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