Ryan Reynolds Congratulates Wonder Woman on Her B.O.

When Wonder Woman passed Deadpool at the box office this weekend, Ryan Reynolds made a classy but still funny Instagram post to congratulate his distinguished competition.

Wonder Woman‘s success is a bit of a shock. Not because it’s the first superhero blockbuster directed by or starring a woman, but because the rest of DC’s film adaptations have been so dreadful. Seriously, did you watch Batman vs Superman? I did. It was long enough to be two disappointing movies.

Like Wonder Woman, Deadpool was a bit of a surprise hit, becoming the highest grossing R-rated film ever. Reynold’s second outing as Deadpool is currently in production and will see the Merc With a Mouth joined by Josh Brolin as the time traveling Cable.

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is set to return to the big screen in Justice League, DC’s troubled answer to Marvel Studios’ The Avengers. Principle photography on Justice League wrapped last year and Zack Snyder departed the film afterwards, leaving it in the hands of Avengers writer and director Joss Whedon, who wrote an absolutely terrible script for Wonder Woman that was ultimately rejected.

Personally, I haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet. Despite the positive reviews and box office success, I can’t shake the feeling that the whole thing is just a prank to trick me into watching yet another terrible big screen DC Comics adaptation. Even if Wonder Woman is as good as everyone says, that could be part of the trick. Make one good movie to lull us all into a false sense of security and then take a Justice League-sized dump on filmgoers’ collective chests.

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