Sean Spicer Plans to Embarrass Himself Even More

Is this Sean Spicer trying to prove that he’s in on the joke? No longer beleaguered (which is the word du jour right now) ex-White House press secretary Sean Spicer is in talks for his next gig. Some high-powered law firm? Maybe Fox News contributor a la Jason Chaffetz?

Nah, bruh, that’s lame.

Dancing with the Stars.

Wait until President Trump tweets about his performances. SAD! TWO LEFT FEET!

“…a TV insider confirmed to Page Six that the dancing competition show has indeed reached out to the Beltway insider. “That has legs,” the source said.”

“That has legs.” Funny. Get it?

If he dances as well as he communicates, which is not well at all, then his time on the show will be short-lived.

This is him speaking:

Now imagine that in dance form. There’ll be a lot of GIFs of Spicer tripping over his own feet. This could be the first time in history I ever watch the show. Cannot wait.

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6 years ago

After kissing Emporer Tiny Hand’s ass anything would be easier.