Selena Gomez Hoping to Ruin ’13 Reasons Why’ by Casting Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes is looking to get back on screen and Selena Gomez is looking to mess up one of the best shows on Netflix.

According to Star Magazine, Gomez is talking to Bynes about appearing on 13 Reasons Why which Gomez co-produces. Gomez reportedly “genuinely feels sympathy for her and realizes she could easily have been in the same boat.”

That’s great. I sort of feel sorry for Amanda Bynes too because I loved What I Like About You and All That. But I don’t want her on 13 Reasons Why. Here are 13 reasons why:

1. It’s a show about high school kids.
2. Bynes is 31.
3. It feels very forced.
4. It’s a good show.
5. Selena Gomez knows it’s a good show and that’s why she doesn’t even appear on-screen.
6. The show deals with bullying and serious situations and maybe having the girl who once asked Drake to murder her vagina isn’t the best idea?
7. Are we sure Amanda Bynes is still a decent actress?
8. She shouldn’t be handed the part because that sends a bad message.
9. Does Selena Gomez even make casting decisions?
10. “Sympathy” is a bad reason someone should be cast.
11. Is Star Magazine even reputable?
12. Lori Beth Denberg would be a better choice
13. I’m a hypocrite because I was fine with Ed Sheeran making a cameo on Game of Thrones.

In conclusion, I hope the show is now canceled because that’s a rational way to act to this news that may or may not happen.

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