‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Trailer Shows That Will Has Terrible Friends


What does this trailer tell us about the upcoming season of Stranger Things? First off, their use of “Thriller” is appropriate. The show is set around 1983. “Thriller” came out in 1982. It was very important that I researched this because I was ready to call them out on their timeline. Alas, they know what they’re doing.

Second, the kids have poor taste in video games and no concern for their friend Will. They are playing “Dragon’s Lair,” a game where, you guessed it, a dragon has a princess locked up and your mission is to rescue her. Why are they rubbing this quest in Will’s face when he’s the princess? Did they not think this wouldn’t give him PTSD? No wonder he walks outside and sees the sky on fire and monsters. His friends suck.

Third, it’s obviously Halloween. Or this town just throws some kick ass costume parties in August.

Finally, Eleven looks trapped in the upside down, but is able to communicate with Will. This once again proves that his friends suck. Why are they not more concerned with Eleven’s whereabouts prior to Will acting crazy and seeing things? They shouldn’t even be playing video games. They should be spending their time finding Eleven.

Let’s hope season 2 isn’t season 1, but bigger. And by that, I mean, the whole season doesn’t revolve around a rescue mission where the person trapped can only communicate with one person through floating paper. My fall depends on you being a wise investment of my time, Stranger Things.

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