Tomi Lahren Says She Doesn’t Need Obamacare Because She Has Obamacare

This weekend was Politicon, a convention where people not quite cool enough to go to Comic-Con can watch bloviating pundits yell at each other live and in person, instead of seeing the same thing 24 hours a day on CNN, MSNBC or Fox News. One of the highlights of the weekend was watching Glenn Beck’s bubbleheaded former protege Tomi Lahren tell Chelsea Handler she doesn’t need Obamacare because at 24-years-old, she’s still on her parents’ health care, a thing that’s only possible because of a provision in the Affordable Care Act. Lahren defended herself on Twitter, pointing out that both the House and Senate Obamacare repeal bills leave this provision in place.

I’m not sure what her point is here. The repeal would leave this in place, so technically, it’s a Republican policy, maybe? Which I suppose is true once you consider that Obamacare was written by The Heritage Foundation and proposed by the same Republicans in the 1990’s who uniformly opposed it eight years ago.

It takes a lot to make Chelsea Handler look like the smartest person on a stage. Handler has written not one, not two, but three books based on the premise that she’s an alcoholic sex addict. Tomi Lahren is famous because she talks really fast when she says dumb racist and homophobic things. So this was not exactly Gore Vidal and William H Buckley. Well, maybe the part where Buckley calls Vidal a queer and threatens to punch him. You know at the time, William H. Buckley was considered to have lost the debate for resorting to that sort of personal attack. If it had happened at Politicon this year, there would be dozens of YouTube videos with the title “Buckley DESTROYS SJW Cuck Gore Vidal!”

While it’s funny to see Tomi Lahren run her mouth and not know what she’s talking about, it’s also a sign of the apocalypse that we take her seriously to begin with. In another sign of our impending doom, MSNBC host Joy Reid held a panel at Politicon and got a ten-second standing ovation. Reid tweeted this last week, and then defended it, despite Yugoslavia not having been part of the Soviet Union and Slovakia not having been part of Yugoslavia.

Tickets to Politicon were $50 a day and organizers say they sold around 10,000 of them, which means they made half a million dollars by inviting uninformed pseudo-intellectuals like Lahren and Reid to bicker on stage for an hour. So, you know, if you couldn’t figure out why Donald Trump is president, once you see that these idiots are the people we think are smart, it starts to make sense.

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