‘True Detective’ Casts Mahershala Ali to Save Season 3

Despite the trash fire that was True Detective season 2, a third season is moving forward. Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell will return.

Just kidding.

Mahershala Ali, fresh off his Oscar win for Best Supporting Actor in Moonlight, will reportedly be the lead in the third season.

I just watched Moonlight about a week ago. Ali is phenomenal. He was in the movie for like 20 minutes and won an Oscar. Do you know how good you have to be to be in a movie for 20 minutes and win an Oscar? Ali might go down as the greatest actor of all-time for pulling off that hustle.

True Detective season 3 has yet to be greenlit because HBO executives are still wondering what the hell happened in season 2. HBO president of programming Casey Bloys said the show will move forward once they get a director. Let’s all hope that this director actually has a direction for the series.

Casting Ali is a great start because we all know Ali is great. They can’t afford to make the same casting mistakes as last year. People knew the season was screwed when they announced Vaughn and Taylor Kitsch, but were willing to see it through because of how good season one was.

As long as they don’t cast another guy known for comedy and the worst actor on a popular television show, season 3 will be fine. Ali will make sure of it.

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6 years ago

Mahershala is good. He has presence. Like Hanks, Pitt, Denzel, Clooney, Freeman. He’s on screen, and he owns it.

He needs a movie franchise. Action star potential.