Usher Hid Herpes Diagnosis and Infected Sex Partner, Who Was Also His Ex-Wife’s Bridesmaid

How bad do you wanna bone a celebrity? Bad enough to mess around with oozing green discharge dick? Well, Usher can help you achieve your dreams.

The R&B prince settled a lawsuit claiming that he hid his herpes diagnosis from an ex-partner and continued boning her without protection. Whoops! My bad.

38-year-old Usher Raymond IV supposedly caught the incurable herpes virus sometime in 2009 or 2010. He literally had “greenish discharge” oozing from his dick according to the lawsuit.

He told his partner something might be up. After she went and got an STD test, he “convinced her that an STD examination result was negative, and they continued to engage in unprotected sex.” I have no idea how you “convince” someone that their test is negative. I could see how it’s possible, but doesn’t the doctor go over these things with you?

According to Radar, “[b]elieving Raymond’s statements that it had been nothing and cleared up, [she] continued her relationship,” a lawyer for the victim wrote in a legal complaint for damages.” They kept boning for a few weeks until the victim, a celebrity hairstylist and rumored to be Maya Fox-Davis, “woke up ‘feeling very sick’ with a ‘fever of 100 degrees, chills, headache, and aches and pains.'” Also:

She “also developed lesions and blisters in her vagina,” and was so terrified she sought treatment at urgent care, where a doctor promptly diagnosed her with herpes.

Nah, baby, those are just love bumps. You know what’ll cure that? My magic green penis.

Also, Fox-Davis was Usher’s then ex-wife Tameeka Foster’s bridesmaid. Wow, that’s bold, Usher.

In response, Usher gave the victim a check for $2,754.40. That’s what, $300-600 per lesion? Not bad.

The victim wrote in a declaration that she “feels her health and body have been ruined” and “has suffered severe emotional distress and has been extremely depressed … knowing there is no cure.” But, Usher, she boned Usher!

The victim’s lawsuit said he “consciously and purposefully” his diagnosis. Eventually, Usher settled the lawsuit for $1.1 million in 2012.  So this is a five-year-old story. Who else has gotten herpes from this dude in the past half decade??

Let’s just finish with lyrics from Usher’s song, “Burn”. It’s very appropriate:

But you know that it’s over
you know that it was through
Let it burn
Let it burn
Gotta let it burn

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