Weird Mother Still Breastfeeding Way Too Old Son

Remember that story a few weeks ago about the woman who said she had sex while breastfeeding? Well, she’s back and she’s still weird an inappropriate. This time the story revolves around her breastfeeding her three year old son.

I’m not here to say that breastfeeding a child is wrong. Breastfeeding an infant is normal and beneficial to both mother and child. Breastfeeding your toddler who is old enough to talk is just kind of weird. That said, breastfeeding your child until he’s a teenager could make him president of France.

So what did Tasha Maile do this time? Well, after appearing on ITV to defend having sex while breastfeeding, a bunch of people went to her YouTube page and watched her videos, and they came across a real doozy. In one of her videos form about a year ago, while she’s breastfeeding a three year old, he says “It’s good to breastfeed and kiss. Yesterday … we is pretending you’re my girlfriend and I was your boyfriend and I kissed you.”

I mean, kids are weird, this is probably nothing. Mainly because she’s the one who posted this to YouTube and I doubt she would have if she was being inappropriately sexual. You know, aside from getting rammed from behind while her baby is latched to her boob, that’s still pretty inappropriate.

I couldn’t get a comment from Emmanuel Macron on this story, but I imagine if he did comment he would say “Nice” and give a thumbs up.

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