Xander Berkeley of ‘Walking Dead’ Slid Into a 19-Year-Old’s DMs, Wanted to Bend Her Over

Xander Berkeley is best known for playing Gregory on Walking Dead. He’s 61, a father of two and married to Sarah Clarke. He’s also an avid Twitter user especially when it means he can slide into a 19-year-old’s DMs to try and convince her to send nudes.

Things kind of went haywire this time as his plan backfired spectacularly when @carlgaIlaghr put him on blast on Thursday by posting screenshots of the thirsty messages he sent her.

According to the girl, she and a group of friends started tweeting at Xander back in November for shits and giggles. She kept asking for a follow back which he eventually did in December or January. He then messaged her right away her to not tell anyone. That’s the type of sketchy talk that schools tell kids to watch out for when teaching about stranger danger.

He tried being smooth at first asking to draw her. Because he’s a painter. Probably even a tortured artist. Chicks dig tortured artists.

Things escalated quickly with Xander asking her send him a photo of a weird fetish he has.

While seeming a little strange, he wanted to prove he was ever the gentleman. He managed to not take advantage of her when she drunk even though he really wanted to. Look at this knight in shining armor.

As the thirst took hold, he got tired of playing coy and straight up told her to send him pics of her in her panties. He says his favorite age is 15-29 which is… really creepy. Also, that’s a huge range. Be a little more specific buddy if you’re trying to use that as a compliment.

Things take an interesting turn

Somehow she was able to resist his charms. Xander, however, is smooth af. When she began talking about her deadbeat dad, he said it was alright if she was inappropriately attracted to him.

I’m really not sure why she kept messaging him, but the dude really wants nudes. You could practically hear the erection tearing through his pants.

He then talks about his distant wife which is a total lady boner killer. You totally had her before that, bro.

Anyway, SEND NUDES. How is this girl not wet after Xander compliments her composition?

Xander is tired of playing games

Xander thinks she’s been a bad girl and he’s entirely willing to come up to Calgary to teach her a listen. Translation: He wants to spank her. He wants to bend her over the couch and spank her.

And this will probably blow up tomorrow and she’ll delete her account and all these tweets will be blank and all these words will make no sense.

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6 years ago

This article should read “19 year old baits old man for 10 seconds of fame”.

6 years ago

Both adults, and she could have shut him down any time. She baited him for sure. There are also apps that make it possible to fake messages. Not putting it past her. He may very well be a bad husband and a bit creepy, but she’s an asswipe for purposely baiting an actor to embarrass him for 15 minutes of fame. Her Twitter account got suspended for this, by the way. Twitter will be able to look at her dm’s and see what’s really up. If she faked even one sentence, I hope Xander sues her for defamation.

3 years ago
Reply to  tomatopudding

hey that my dad ik u may not belive me but he is the kindest person you will ever meet and is a great husband i had no idea any of this happened

Jamie DeMatoff
Jamie DeMatoff
6 years ago

She baited him big time. The part that is scary is he likes girls as young as 15. I’m glad her Twitter account got suspended. She sounds as sick as him. Period

2 years ago
Reply to  Jamie DeMatoff

He was talking about drawing girls for art. 15-29 age range. Young women / beyond-adolescence. So what? He did nothing wrong. Love how she blocks out that message of hers in the last pic. Total bait. If a woman flirts with a guy, somehow it’s wrong if the guy flirts back? What?

It’s perfectly fine for two adults to flirt with each other. It’s called mutual attraction. She just wanted to hop on the accusatory-train and feel holier than thou. She’s a sick person for doing this.