Anti-Pervert Flamethrowers Being Sold to Women in China

Want to prevent a male or female from assaulting you? Well, flame on, and burn their asses like Johnny Storm.

According to a report by Telegraph UK, China is selling mini flamethrowers that shoot out 3,300 degrees Fahrenheit flames up to 50cm, which is almost 2 feet. They look like something found in a women’s make-up purse, making them discreet, but deadly.

One vendor said, “They can leave a permanent scar, but are a legal, non-lethal tool. Not a weapon.” If they can leave a permanent scar and get up to 3,300 degrees, they are lethal and a weapon. The sun is lethal at 100 degrees and a million miles away. Now imagine three thousand tiny suns right in your face.

Another vendor was a bit more honest about the damage these things can do saying they can “scald or even disfigure an attacker.”

That sounds much more likely.

They can also ruin your handbag if they’re triggered while you’re walking. I guess that’s a risk you’d have to be willing to take if you think you may be assaulted.

Whatever happened to tasers and mace like the good ol’ days?

The device sells for 90 to 300 yuan in China. For those too lazy to use an exchange rate website, that’s roughly $13 to $44 in America. Thirteen bucks for a mini weapon of mass destruction? I’ll take three. I’ve seen what flamethrowers can do in movies. It’s one of the most bad ass and effective weapons out there. I’ll take a mini version for $13 and skip a couple of mornings at Starbucks.

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