Barack Obama Beat Arianna Grande

Barack Obama went on Twitter and was like, “@America how many likes to prove ya’ll miss me?” And America responded with “@BarackObama 3 million” and Obama concluded with “done.”

That’s the tweet that has earned Obama over 3.5 million likes, making it the most liked tweet in Twitter history, dethroning Ariana Grande’s first tweet following the attacks at her Manchester concert.

It’s a quote from Nelson Mandela’s book, but really it’s a subtweet directed at Donald Trump. While Trump is all, “Nazis are bad, but the people who attacked them are violent,” Obama shows what a President should be doing in this situation. Posting a quote from a legendary leader and then getting the hell off Twitter because our country is a mess.

Obama made that tweet on August 12 following the Charlottesville protests. He has not tweeted since. Let’s check in on Trump.

40 tweets. Five of them were retweets from people/outlets praising him. Here’s my personal favorite.

Either Trump spends a lot of time vanity searching himself and looking for praise so he can retweet or he pays someone to do that for him. Both situations sound like a bad use of government resources.

Trump’s most liked tweet since Aug. 12 is his first words on the Charlottesville situation.

It has less than 200,000 likes. In fairness to Trump, he only has 36 million followers compared to Obama’s 93 million. But even if you went by follower to like ratio, Trump comes out on the losing end. Poor guy. Thank God he has more credibility than Obama with North Korea because he has almost no credibility in America.

It probably doesn’t help that it only took him three days to completely change his tune. I guess we should applaud that he was able to keep his word for three days? Especially given this:

One day later.

That’s our President.

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