How Does Beyonce, Houston Rockets Owner, Sound?

Beyonce’s domination continues. There’s talk that she wants to buy the NBA’s Houston Rockets.

Houston Rockets owner Les Alexander says the team’s up for sale, likely wanting to cash in on the surge in value for sports teams. Steve Ballmer paid $2 billion for the Los Angeles Clippers only three years ago. Seeing as how he only paid $85 million for the team in 1993, that’s a good return on his money. Hookers and cocaine aren’t cheap.

Beyonce is thinking about it. Couple of good reasons for her to buy. She’s from Houston, so owning a hometown team would be special. Also, if you throw in Beyonce as an owner, you instantly jack up the value. Just her name will bring in the fans. Imagine her and Jay-Z in the luxury boxes at every home game.

NBA teams don’t come up for sale that often. Either the owners get old and wanna cash out, or get too racist (see Donald Sterling and the Clippers). Franchises have been going up in value since the beginning, so investment-wise, it’s a good value.

Jay-Z once owned a minority stake in the Brooklyn Nets. He could give pointers to Beyonce on team management. Although, a lot of these minority stakes may be for vanity. Hey, I own an NBA team!

They should put a permanent Lemonade exhibit outside the Toyota Center.

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