Big Boobs Are In Say Fashion Experts (And Men Everywhere)

I’ll be honest with you, some days I wake up and look at my agenda for the day and I’m writing about something I know nothing about and have no interest in, but I do it anyway because I’m a pro. Today is not one of those days, because the New York Post ran a story yesterday with the headline “Boobs are back in a big way.” And boy is it about time men finally started paying attention to women with large breasts.

Okay, the article was actually about cleavage being back. Recent fashion has been to downplay cleavage and fashions that highlight small breasts have been en vogue. But now celebrities are showing up to events in dresses that highlight and show off their cleavage instead of downplaying it in favor of fashion that highlights the butt.

Of course, the Internet didn’t let this little piece of fashion news pass without comment. The Internet never really lets anything pass by without comment though, does it? Anyway, one of the best responses was this tweet by Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Chelsea Peretti, whose sharp wit is so dry I needed a glass of water after reading this tweet.

This being Twitter, reaction GIFs reigned supreme. Here are a few of my favorites.

And some Tweeters (Twitterers?) had more nuanced, political takes.

Personally, I understand why people want to have a little fun. The news covers all sorts of things that we don’t consider particularly important, and to people who are looking for politics and hard news, fashion news can often seem silly. But fashion trends are very important to some people, and we shouldn’t belittle them for having different priorities than we do. Also, we get to look at titties and call it research, so don’t take this away from me!

[Image: Instagram/LindseyPelas]

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