Big Boobs Could Mean a Big Discount on Shrimp in China

If you’re in Hangzhou, China and you have huge breasts, you might want to stop by Trendy Shrimp, a restaurant that was offering a discount of up to 65% to large-breasted women. Even if your chest is on the shrimpy side, they offered smaller discounts starting at 5% for less busty customers.

According to the Qianjiang Evening Post, Trendy Shrimp has engaged in a number of creative advertising programs aimed at attracting young people and giving the restaurant a fun image. Manager Lan Shenggang compared the discount to other promotions giving discounts based on height or weight. Only better, because these are based on boobs.

The Post interviewed a few customers of the restaurant while the discount was in effect. One group of girls laughed about how they all received the smallest discount, and joked they may have done better had they been measured instead of just having the female wait staff eyeball their measurements. Apparently most of the discounts given during the promotion were in the 15-35% range for what would be A or B cups in America.

But not everyone was happy about the promotion. Lan Shenggang said they had received complaints from old people. The Post said that this was indeed the case. The elderly people they talked to mostly complained about their grandchildren seeing a drawing of women in bras.

Apparently bowing in to public pressure from people who hate fun, a few days after the promotion began, Lan Shenggang’s boss Mr. Lu, the company’s CEO, pulled the plug and apologized, saying that a new promotion is on the way. This will be small comfort to the large breasted women now forced to pay full price for lunch. They can always take respite in knowing that people like large breasts again, I suppose.

[Image: Flickr/Jakob Montrasio]

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Haley Bachman
Haley Bachman
4 years ago

The shrimp would be free for me!

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