Chinese Boy Gets A-Cup Removed Because One Breast Isn’t Much Fun

The worst thing a woman can do is get a breast reduction. Unless they are so big that they become uncomfortable and lead to back issues. Women should definitely sacrifice their breasts for a healthy back, no matter what a man might say.

But what if a woman got one breast reduced? And what if that woman was actually a man?

Xiao Yang, a 19-year-old Chinese male, recently underwent a mastectomy to remove his right breast, which had grown to be an A-Cup since he was 13. Doctors didn’t know why the boy was only growing one breast, but chalked it up to eating too much fast food. Crack team of doctors they have in China.

This story should scare everyone in America. No country consumes more fast food than America and if eating too much fast food leads to growing breasts, then I expect to see a lot of 14-year-old boys with boobs in the next couple of years.

I’m a little disappointed that this boy didn’t go the opposite direction and get a breast enlargement on his left side. He should have owned the fact that he had breasts and been proud to show them off. Man boobs are nothing to be ashamed of. We don’t shame women for being flat chested, do we?

Wait, yeah, we definitely do that.

Sorry, this kid for sure made the right decision to get his one breast removed. He would not have survived college if he kept it. Guys would have thrown half a bra at him and girls would have asked how come he’s allowed to be topless. Now, he has a cool scar to show off. I just hope he comes up with a cooler story than, “I had one breast from eating too much fast food and decided to get it removed.”

Say you were shot. Chicks always find that sexy.

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