Canadian Grandma Has Her Engagement Ring Stolen By a Carrot

In the later years of his life, my father didn’t wear a wedding ring despite the fact that he stayed married to my mother until the day he died. He developed a ganglion cyst on his ring finger and needed to have his ring resized to fit over it. Then a few years later, the cyst went away, as ganglion cysts do over time. He didn’t realize his ring was now oversized and it fell off his finger somewhere while he was traveling for work, never to be seen again.

If my father had the luck of 84-year-old Alberta resident Mary Gram, his ring may have turned up in an ear of corn. As reported by the CBC, Mary lost her engagement ring thirteen years ago while pulling weeds on her family farm. Time went on and Mary moved from the Armena farm to Camrose and her son and daughter-in-law took over the property, where they maintain a small garden. And it was just this week in that garden that Mary’s daughter-in-law Colleen Daley pulled up a carrot with the ring wrapped around it.

Colleen spoke to the CBC about finding the blinged-out vegetable:

“I knew it had to belong to either grandma or my mother-in-law,” Daley said, “because no other women have lived on that farm.

“I asked my husband if he recognized the ring. And he said yeah. His mother had lost her engagement ring years ago in the garden and never found it again. And it turned up on this carrot.”
The carrot looks a bit like a finger wearing a ring, she said.

“If you look at it, it grew perfectly around the [ring]. It was pretty weird looking,” Daley said. “I’ve never seen anything like that. It was quite interesting.”

It’s a sweet story. As for Mary, her husband died a few years ago, but she’s going to start wearing the engagement ring again anyway.

“I’m going to wear it because it still fits,” she told the CBC. I’m sure it’ll help merry widow Mary to weed out unsuitable suitors at the bingo parlor.

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