‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl Is Now Grammar Deficient Rapper Bhad Bhabie

Danielle Bregoli aka the ‘Cash Me Ousside’ girl aka why is she still relevant I feel like I’ve been writing about her for a year and the Chocolate Rain guy should have been more famous than her is dropping a rap song.

In the words of Michael Scott…

The song is called “These Heaux” and in case you were wondering, “Heaux” is pronounced Hoes. Why is it spelled like that? Well, we spell Catch as Cash and Outside as Ousside when talking about this girl. I’m shocked These is spelled correctly.

If you don’t value your ears, take a listen.

Remember when 14-year-olds rapped like Lil Bow Wow? He just wanted people to bounce or bark with him while he played basketball and respected girls. Oh, and he had an iced-out Mickey Mouse necklace.

Meanwhile, Bregoli is talking about sipping lean, Maybachs, fighting other girls, and stealing men.

What I’m trying to say is: bring back Lil Bow Wow.

Let’s take a look at some lyrics from “These Heaux”:

“Water, water drippin’, come take a peek … you in a trailer ho, bitch you can’t compete.”

Wasn’t she living in a trailer before everyone thought she talked funny and laughed at her? I’m also pretty sure they have water in trailers. It’s not that impressive.

“Red cup, no it aint kool-aid.”

Based on the previous lyric, it’s water. She can’t afford Kool-Aid? Who can’t compete now?

I’d try to decipher more lyrics, but truthfully, I can’t understand half the words and I’d like to be able to keep my hearing for another 50 years or so.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what her rap name is going to be. She’ll go by Bad Baby. But it won’t be spelled like that because God forbid this girl learns English. She’ll be called Bhad Bhabie and she’ll probably make millions because America loves morons.

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