Channing Tatum Goes Magic Mike on Random Cashier

Channing Tatum did a little bump n’ grind with one cashier and she’ll never be the same. Tatum’s been driving cross-country promoting his new movie, Logan Lucky. It’s basically Ocean’s 11 at the speedway. Tatum plays Jimmy Logan who recruits a crew to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

As part of the promotion, he’s been driving around and meeting fans, bringing them Coors Light and stopping in places like Sunoco gas stations. Basically, sponsored content on wheels. This past week, they stopped at the Sunoco gas station in Statesville, North Carolina where Tatum met Beatrice the cashier. Beatrice’s life will never be the same.

Tatum stopped at the station for some coffee and ended up dancing behind the counter with Beatrice. He posted the clip to his Facebook page. Skip to 2:30 to check these two out.

Being an actor is hard. Forced to travel across all these states, dancing with normies and faking like you enjoy being there. People become stars to get away from normies, not hang around with them.

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