Charlie Sheen Believes the Moon is Hollow, Says Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe seems to believes some pretty crazy things. In his new show, The Lowe Files, he and his sons fly around the world looking for underwater alien bases, ghosts and, most famously, Bigfoot. During the press tour for the show, Lowe and his sons revealed that Charlie Sheen believes something even more crazy: that the moon is hollow.

In doing press for his show, Lowe has been a bit coy about what he believes and what he doesn’t. He told the Huffington Post:

It was my idea. I produced it as well, cut that trailer myself. I had a vision for a show where I could go out with my guys …  And parents out there will understand how hard it is to get your kids to hang out with you. I had to do this! And we grew up watching these silly shows — ‘Finding Bigfoot’ and ‘Ancient Aliens.’ It’s our guilty pleasure. And so we thought we’d do a version of our own for a blast and it turned out so fun.

Combined with the tag line for the show, “It’s more fun to believe,” I get the feeling Rob doesn’t actually think aliens are building bases and ghosts are hanging around old castles to move books around in the middle of the night. He just seems to wish that were the case and enjoyed going out and investigating these phenomena with his sons.

Charlie Sheen, on the other hand, seems to actually think the moon is hollow. He also thinks it’s a good idea to star in a movie about 9/11 with Whoopie Goldberg and that goat’s milk can cure HIV, so this might be the sanest thing Charlie Sheen has ever said.

Rob Lowe made it very clear that only Sheen thinks the moon is hollow, because apparently unlike remote viewing and talking to ghosts, a hollow moon is just crazy.

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