Conor McGregor Gets His Panties in a Bunch Over #McGregorChallenge and Disrespect from Boxing

The Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather circus is nine days away from reaching its conclusion. Thank God.

In his latest attempt to drum up interest for a fight that everyone is already interested in, McGregor talked about feeling unwelcome by the boxing community.

“It’s like I’ve been discarded, and it’s like I’m not welcome here,” McGregor told reporters on today’s media conference call. “It’s certainly motivating, the disrespect and the disregard for my skill set. I look at people sometimes, and their mind is closed. They’ve got such a closed mind on how things can be done. It’s a set way and no other way.”

There’s probably a reason for that. I’m thinking the reason might be Floyd Mayweather is 49-0 and McGregor doesn’t have a single pro boxing bout to his name. But I could be off. In fairness to the people with closed minds, they all say the same thing about Conor’s chances. “He is going to show Mayweather something he’s never seen before.” They just say it in a dismissive way.

One reason everyone is so dismissive about Conor’s “different style” in the ring is this.

No one knows exactly what this is, but I like to call it the limber monkey technique. Others call it the #McGregorChallenge

Conor didn’t seem to have a very open mind when discussing the videos.

“I’ve seen some videos,” McGregor said. “It is what it is. It’s light-hearted. I don’t take it personal. If anything I see stiffness in every single one of them.”

August 26 can’t come soon enough. Either Mayweather wins and we all resume our regularly scheduled lives knowing for sure that a pro MMA fighter with no experience can’t beat one of the greatest boxers ever.

Or Conor wins and the circus gets even larger as MMA fans become the most insufferable fan base in sports.

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4 years ago

They’re both pieces of s**t. I hope they both watch the eclipse with defective glasses.

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