Bodybuilder Dallas McCarver Chokes to Death on Food

You know, I’m kind of a pudgy guy, and I worry about what that means for my health. Today is one of those days where a sad story reminds us all that no matter how fit you are, you could still die at any time for any reason. Professional bodybuilder Dallas McCarver, called Big Country by his friends, was in excellent physical condition, but that wasn’t enough to save him from going out the same way as Mama Cass.

According to TMZ, McCarver apparently choked to death on his dinner Monday night:

We spoke with McCarver’s girlfriend, WWE superstar Dana Brooke, who says the 26-year-old was found unconscious just after midnight Tuesday morning by a friend at his home shortly after they spoke on the phone.

McCarver was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Sports there appears to be no signs of foul play.

Brooke says McCarver told her he was about to make dinner and the last thing he said to her was, “I love you. Goodbye.”

Brooke says the cause of death is believed to be choking on food … and it does not appear McCarver was trying to harm himself.

McCarver had worked out earlier in the day on Monday and seemed to be doing just fine … no signs of a medical problem while hitting a chest press with 160 lbs dumbbells.

It is a sad thing to see someone so young and healthy die in a tragic accident. In light of this, let’s all take a second and learn how to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on ourselves to make sure this sort of thing can be avoided in the future. And if at all possible, share your ham sandwich with Karen Carpenter; you could save two lives.

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This off season is off to a great start! Already waking up as heavy as I want to be at 325lbs not just to grow select amounts in needed areas and keep the midsection tight! Can't wait to see what next year brings. Yes, next year… incase you don't I unfortunately will not be competing in this years Mr. Olympia contest. I told myself if I couldn't win the Arnold I'd take the rest of the year off to improve. As hard as it is I'm making myself stick to that. That being said I have my sights set and full steam ahead for the 2018 Arnold and Lord willing the Olympia after that! After competing the past two years in the Olympia missing it is going to kill me, but I know inside it's the right move and will pay off in the long run! #dallasmccarver #bigcountry #OffSeason

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