Eminem’s New Album Expected This Fall

According to Hits Daily Double’s rumor mill (via BroBible), Eminem is expected to have his next album finished and released this autumn, alongside albums from actual good musicians U2 and Beck. You may know Eminem for the song “Kim,” a celebration of domestic violence in which he fantasizes about killing his wife and the mother of his children, or “Stan,” a duet with Dido about a fan of Eminem being inspired by his lyrics to kill himself and his girlfriend, though at the end Eminem tries too late to talk him out of it.

Now, these are just songs, and I believe in the freedom of artists to express themselves however they want. But I feel really weird when people talk about how great the song about killing his wife by the guy who actually beat his wife and nearly drove her to suicide is. And having Rihanna on your song about how you’re sorry you beat your wife is an interesting choice.

Perhaps the best thing ever written about Eminem is a piece from The Onion entitled “Eminem Terrified As Daughter Begins Dating Man Raised On His Music.” In classic Onion style, the parody article imagines Eminem reckoning with his own daughter dating someone who listened to all the disgusting, misogynistic things he’s spat out over the course of his career.

I’m sure when you read the introduction to this piece, you rolled your eyes at my mention of U2 and said “Ugh, Bono is such a piece of s**t, why mention them in an article about Eminem?” Well, Bono devotes his celebrity to feeding starving African children while Eminem abused his wife and then made a career out of writing songs about how abusing his wife was awesome. So if you though Bono was a piece of s**t, maybe take a look at yourself in the mirror, bro. Insiders expect Eminem’s new album to be out in November if you’re still interested.

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