Jonah Hill Shuts Down Interviewer’s Dumb Ass Question

When a reporter asked Jonah Hill if he was still treated like the fat guy in Hollywood, he responded by saying, “Do you have any other questions that are smart?” Despite the fact that this happened in 2011 as part of his promotional tour for Moneyball, a tweet of the video clip went viral over the weekend.

You can actually see the entire interview here:

Jonah Hill did handle himself pretty well there after being asked possibly the dumbest question I’ve ever heard. Not bad for a guy who is in every casting director’s Rolodex under “If Seth Rogen is unavailable.”

Here are some of the more interesting things that have happened to Jonah Hill since this interview took place: he got cockblocked on an airplane by some dude’s smelly dump, he had his soul crushed by Ornella Fleury, who told him she had a sexual fantasy about him only to ruthlessly burn him, he gained back all the weight he had lost, and he got publicly pranked by a dude who vapes during sex.

But it’s not all bad news for Hill, because he lost all that weight again and looks great now. As long as he doesn’t try to pick up French women on an airplane, he probably does alright for himself.

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