Justin Bieber Shut Down By Front Desk Girl At Gym

Justin Bieber is pretty bored now that he’s not on tour and is working to become a better version of himself. So bored that he began stalking some gym in Georgia.

That’s a post by a gym called Fitness on Broughton. Based on the name and deductive reasoning, I concluded that it’s a fitness gym located on Broughton street. I love any place that tells you exactly what it is and where it’s at in the title.

The gym name isn’t important in this story.

It’s the lady in the picture that we’re creeping on. Sorry, we’re not creeping on her. But Justin Bieber definitely was.

Ah, sweet and innocent little Bieber. He’s in love with a picture. Nothing says, “I’m trying to be a better person” like stalking Instagram photos and sliding into strangers DMs.

Fitness on Broughton responded in the most polite way possible.

“From working the front desk to working the front page.” Bieber was definitely hoping that she would work the front of him. Alas, things aren’t going to work out for young Justin and sweet Jessica.

Poor Justin. He thought that just because he’s a celebrity and is used to getting things exactly how he wants them, he could just get this girl to take her panties off with a simple heart emoji. Instead, she showed some loyalty by sticking by her man, who she’ll no doubt leave within the next five years because they both look like they’re in high school and only one out of every five high school relationships last. Keep tabs on her, Justin. I’m sure in five years when you’re still a douchebag and she’s reminiscing about her 15-minutes of fame, you two can reconnect and can have an amazing one night stand.

Until then, try a gym in Los Angeles.

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