Stagehand Missing Her Big Toe After Working with Katy Perry

It’s been a bad couple of months for Katy Perry. Her album flopped, she had to admit defeat to Taylor Swift, she poorly hosted the MTV VMAs, and Orlando Bloom took her to see Ed Sheeran so she could see what a real musician looks like.

On top of all that, she’s now being sued for a 2014 incident where a stagehand lost one of her toes.

Christina Fish, the stagehand in question, claims that she was asked to help move a wall during Perry’s Prismatic tour. The wall got stuck and then rolled across her foot, slicing her toe. She claims that she was offered ice, but no one bothered to call an ambulance.

Fish should have had someone else move the wall while making them pay her for doing it.

Eventually, Fish had to have her toe amputated, which caused her a bunch of emotional distress. When in doubt, play the “emotional distress” card. It never fails. She also mentioned her passion for yoga, which she can no longer do without a tenth toe.

This is what happens when you ask Christina Fish to do a man’s job. You want a wall moved without digits being lost? You get a strong man or a smart woman. You want a wall moved with incompetence? You ask Christina Fish.

This nine toed freak is just kicking Katy while she’s down. Ok, you lost a toe. No one would have known if you weren’t out here attention seeking. For all I know, Katy could only have nine toes. Watch this:

Tell me there isn’t something wrong with her balance and the way she moves. Maybe Fish should have some compassion rather than complain about not being able to do yoga anymore.

Or maybe she should have worked on Taylor Swift’s tour instead.

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