Mini-Mayweather Will Fight Mini-McGregor in Smallest Fight in Combat Sports History

If you didn’t think the Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather build-up could get any more outrageous, think again.

Now, one night before McGregor and Mayweather partake in the biggest fight in combat sports history, you can watch the smallest fight in combat sports history as Mini-Mayweather battles Mini-McGregor.

Mini-McGregor looks more like Mini-Finn Balor, but they’re both Irish so I guess it works.

The bout, promoted by Larry Flynt, will take place at the Hustler Club. It’ll be a 3-round contest for the right to be called the greatest smallest fighter ever.

You may or may not remember Mini-Mayweather from his bout against Mini-Pacquiao a few years ago. If not, here’s a short reminder:

At least that fight had a satisfying conclusion. And is that Justin Bieber in the background of the first video?

This bout will likely be more competitive than the full-size version given that Mini-Mayweather is not 49-0 and one of the greatest boxers of all-time and Mini-McGregor, well, he probably is making his professional mini-boxing debut. How did this guy get a title shot anyway?

Since these guys are half the fighters of Mayweather and McGregor, I hope they get half the paycheck. That’s still $50 million each. Probably a little more for little Floyd.

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