One-Armed Tinder User Captivates the Internet With Her Wit

Everyone on the internet is seeming buzzing about the Tinder profile of a woman named Lauren who, in a shocking twist, still desires human affection and companionship despite having lost an arm in an accident. I know, I too was completely taken aback when I found out this young woman lives a normal life and acts like any other twenty-something instead of ringing the bell at Notre Dame or killing Richard Kimble’s wife.

At least that seems to be the tone of the articles I’ve seen in the past week since she was profiled by Buzzfeed. Lauren came to the attention of the Internet after her Tinder profile got noticed on Twitter and Reddit. It is a really great profile, especially considering she did it while she was black-out drunk.

I had a look through her Twitter account while I was writing this article because that’s what I get paid to do, and I wasn’t just creeping around looking at pictures of her in her underwear, so shut up. Luckily she seems like a pretty cool girl, and she hates Nazis, so we can avoid a Milkshake Duckfanaccount situation here. If you don’t get that last joke you’re clearly not Extremely Online enough, because that was some amazing wordplay on my end just now. Now let’s look at some tweets!

I would like to salute Lauren, aka duck, aka Young PMS, for proving that a person with one arm can shitpost on Twitter just as well as someone with two arms. Yeah, you thought this was going to be pictures of her in her underwear talking about how inspirational it is that she still wants to have sex despite being slightly different than most people, didn’t you? Well that’s idiotic. She’s not cool because she has one arm, she’s cool because she reacts like this when Tomo News makes one of those dumb CGI recreations of her losing her arm.

Also because she hates Nazis.

Yeah, seriously, f**k Nazis. We can all agree on that. Well, aside from Nazis, but f**k those guys.

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