Grandmother’s Family Beats Her, Shaves Her Head Because Her Football Game Was on Too Loud

Two Pittsburgh natives who prefer hockey to football beat the hell out of their mom/grandma when she wouldn’t turn down the Steelers game.

Delores Amorino, 40, and Sarah Amorino, 17, got angry when their 70-year-old mother/grandmother was listening to a Steelers preseason game too loudly and instead of dealing with the situation in a rational way, they went the complete opposite direction.

According to the affidavit, Delores twisted her mother’s arm and Sarah hit her in the face with a broom, choked her, and shaved her head.

“The victim was unhappy with the volume of the TV after the defendants turned the volume low, so the victim locked herself in the bedroom and turned on her radio. The defendants broke the door jam [sic], entered the victim’s room saying, “you don’t need to listen to the game’,” and began abusing her,”

The alleged abuse occurred Sunday and Monday, which leads me to ask, where the hell was the husband/father?

You know the mom has been plotting this for a long time. She probably still remembers all those times her mom wouldn’t let her go out on a Sunday afternoon because she didn’t finish her homework. Or how her mom took away her makeup kit because she didn’t clean her room. And you know the 17-year-old doesn’t have any friends if she’s hanging out with her mom and grandma during the final days of summer.

Sarah and Delores are being charged with aggravated assault, criminal conspiracy, and strangulation. Oh wait, there are more charges. Add on terroristic threats, false imprisonment, and simple assault. Still not enough? Good, because there’s also harassment and criminal mischief.

Eight friggin’ charges all because grandma wanted to listen to a preseason football game like she did as a kid. Sure, it’s preseason and it doesn’t matter, but breaking the radio would have sufficed. Beating, choking, and shaving is a bit much.

At least the Steelers defeated the Falcons 17-13.

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