R. Kelly Cancels Tour Dates, Probably to Spend More Time with His Sex Cult

People might be pissed at R. Kelly and his sex cult. Ticket sales are so slow, tour dates are half full, so Kelly’s gone ahead and canceled four out of 10 remaining tour dates. How’s he gonna recruit cult members now?

Two shows in Louisiana got axed, one in Dallas and another in Los Angeles.

Our sources say the 4 stops were nixed due to poor ticket sales, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. As we reported … his Friday night gig in Virginia was barely half full, and fans were pissed he only played for 45 minutes.

Does this guy even have new songs? Why’s he on tour? He must need the money. I can imagine R. Kelly fans coming out of his concerts confused. “I came here for a sex cult membership drive, and got an R. Kelly concert instead.”

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