Another R. Kelly Sex Slave House Guest Tells Her Story

We’ve been waiting weeks for our latest R. Kelly sex slave update and it’s finally here.

24-year-old Jerhonda Pace has come forward with details of her time with Kelly. Speaking to BuzzFeed, Pace claims that she and Kelly had sex when she was 15. During that time, she defended Kelly during his sex tape trial, which, I hate to say it, but she kind of brought that on herself. If you’re an underage girl defending a man for having sex with underage girls, you can’t be too surprised when he tries to have sex with you.

After they hooked up once, they kept hooking up. She spent weekends with Kelly and her details match the initial details of the sex house report.

…she had to surrender her cellphone, wear baggy clothes, and ask permission to leave the house or even shower. She alleges that most sexual encounters with Kelly were filmed without her permission, and with Pace having to call the singer “daddy.”

Pace left Kelly in 2010 after being allegedly abused. She went to Chicago attorney Susan E. Loggans, who helped her receive a large cash settlement from Kelly, which included a non-disclosure agreement. So much for that.

“I know speaking out against Kelly, Kelly could sue me. But I’m really not worried about it anymore,” Pace says.

Of course she’s not. She’s been collecting his money for seven years. Worst case scenario is she has to give it back. She’s really in a no lose situation right now.

Kelly and his team continue to deny the allegations.

Where does this leave us? Pace didn’t exactly reveal new information, but she did corroborate previous information. The more women that come forward, the more likely the story is true in the eyes of the public. But plenty of women came forward against Bill Cosby and he still got off on a mistrial.

All I know is that R. Kelly is far more paid than anyone ever thought. He’s got multiple houses, has to pay for everything for the women he has trapped, and is paying off the women who left. I know he’s had six #1 albums and Ignition (Remix) is the greatest R&B song of all-time, but damn. He has to be spending at least $100 million a year running his slave cult. And he’s been doing this for over 10 years.

R. Kelly might be a disgusting human, but he’s a multiple level paid genius.

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