Rihanna Wears A Bikini And Breaks Crop Over Festival Internet

I don’t know what Crop Over Festival is, but it’s giving us Rihanna looking like this. So, God bless you, Crop Over Festival.

According to my research, I am an investigative journalist after all, Crop Over Festival is an annual event in Barbados, Rihanna’s place of birth. The original intention was to celebrate the end of sugar cane harvest season. Now it’s just a thing where you get really drunk and dance a lot. It lasts for two whole months because I guess there isn’t a lot going on in Barbados, so they can just party for two months. It’s similar to Carnival in Brazil and every night in New Orleans.

You’re now smarter having read this post in search of hot Rihanna pictures.

Rihanna shows up to Crop Over Festival every year because there’s nothing Rihanna loves more than having a good time. Her peacock mermaid outfit is standard clothing for Crop Over Festival. Nothing says, “no more sugar cane harvesting” like “come harvest your cane in this sugar” outfits.

Rihanna tried to go on Instagram Live, but do you know how many worshippers and stalkers were trying to view that live feed? Around 40,000. More people tried to watch Rihanna dance than will buy the next UFC pay-per-view. Also, the internet connection in Barbados is bad. I’m not saying Barbados is poor and doesn’t have good internet. I’m saying thousands of people trying to use the same network in the same location automatically means the connection will suck. I barely get good speeds at the local Starbucks and only a dozen or so people are using that network.

If you want to watch two minutes of Rihanna’s blue hair, here you go:

I’m just wondering where her billionaire boyfriend is. Are they not serious enough for her to introduce him to her home country or have theY broken up already? You know every guy in Barbados is hoping for the latter.

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